this is terrainias history i dont mind if anyone changes it though

terrainia is a secret city of psions and others with sionc abilities. there gods or allpowerful people are zanzibar meeryweather stefan vanderbilt and cynthia samarian. unfortunatly they died in effort to keep thier city a secret.if anyone knew about this city it would be a big danger that is why if you leave the city you are sworn to keep it a secret. if you do not cooperate you will be killed. if you tell after you leave you are hunted down and killed no questions asked.

a normal terrainian life styal

when you are born you are ittmediatly taken to the destiny room were you choose what type of psychicyou want to be if you choose psion then you choose your disipline telepath seer kinetisist shaper nomad and egoist then. you move into basic psion training with jazalina. when you turn 4 years old you go to siran were you will learn about yourself your people beleifs and religions and psions.after a year of that you move to your specific teacher for your specific school. when you finaly turn 16 you have choice to leave or stay here and continue training.if you leave your sworn to secrecy. if not you die.

the legend city